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Greasemonkey script: Digg Done That

In the blog comments for my other Greasemonkey script, Alex requested that I create a script that would allow him to mark Digg stores as "read."  Doing this would make the story disappear, so that the only stories showing on the page would be the ones still unread.  It took months for me to find some free time, but I finally made the script.  Here's a screenshot of what it adds to stories:

screenshot of Digg Done That in action


If you're interested in using this script, you need to have the Greasemonkey plug-in installed in your Firefox browser.  If you've got that working, head over to and use the install button on the right side of the page.

Digg Done That?

Yeah, as in, "Been there, done that." It's what I mutter to myself as I'm clicking stories into oblivion. :)

I removed a bunch of stories that I want back!

If you remove some stories by mistake, you can get them to display again.  On, go to your profile ("My Profile" near the top of the page), then select the Settings tab (shown in the following screenshot).  On your settings page, you'll see an option to "Clear your read stories."  Select that and your list will be reset.

screenshot of Digg Done That settings

I don't want to undelete every story!

OK.  You can click the Greasemonkey icon at the bottom of your Firefox window to temporarily disable scripts.  Reload  That will allow you to view the stories again, but it will preserve your list.  Click the Greasemonkey icon again to turn scripts back on.

Any tips?

Yeah.  I'm not sure what Firefox will do once a reader has marked thousands of stories as read.  For each story to hide, we have to save the story's ID.  That could end up as a massive amount of data (relatively speaking) that slows the browser.  So what I do is limit it to the 250 most recent IDs.  That should keep things snappy, but it may mean that really old stories (buried on page 50 or something) eventually reappear.  Hopefully you won't notice or care.  :)

Have fun!


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Comments (16) writes:

What would be the most awesome digg script ever and would save the site is an auto bury script for top diggers ...... return it to being actual social voting

erichansa writes:

wow, what a cool tool

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