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phpBB Mini Mods!

This is a collection of small mods for phpBB. They are offered under the GPL license (free).  Everything is intended for use on phpBB 2, except for the first mod listed.

Name Version
Release Date Description
Custom Profile Fields     I have taken over this project from Brian, and it now has its own page.
The Blog Mod     I have taken over this project, and it now has its own page.
Enhanced Last Post 1.0.0 June 19, 2006 THIS IS FOR PHPBB 3.0 ONLY. On the main forum index, this changes the "last post" column to show the title of the post as a clickable link.
User Reputation Mod 1.0.0a May 28, 2006 By Anton Granik. All I did was convert the install file to an EasyMod-compliant version.
File Attachment Mod 2.4.3a May 28, 2006 Please DO NOT make it generally known that I offer a version of this mod. The File Attachment mod is very popular and I cannot support such a huge number of users. The File Attachment mod is by Acyd Burn and is actively maintained by him. All I have done is convert the install file for version 2.4.3 into an EasyMod-compliant version. Acyd is welcome to the code, as is anyone who finds it useful. But please, shhhh! I don't need 10,000 people asking for support. Thanks.
Email confirmation field 1.0.0a May 27, 2006 This mod adds a second email field to the registration page, so that users must re-enter their email (helps avoid typos). It was originally created by Kooky and uploaded to phpBB Hacks. However, the last official update was 2004, and it had issues with new versions of phpBB. So I fixed the code to work with phpBB 2.0.19 and 2.0.20.
Fixed date format for non technical users 1.0.4b May 27, 2006 Basically, phpBB forum users have an ugly little "date format" field in their profiles. It's too technical. So this mod changes it to something human-readable, such as "Monday, May 22nd, 3:15 PM." I didn't write this mod, pichirichi did. However, he found an SQL bug, but never issued a new release! So I've added the SQL bug fix, and I've made the mod EasyMOD compliant, too. UPDATE: the new "b" version added date fixes as suggested by Loque on the phpBB forums.
Log IP Address on Registration 1.0.0a May 27, 2006 I've modified TerraFrost's mod. My version is exactly the same as TerraFrost's official version, with one exception: mine will EasyMod-install after you've installed the Birthday Mod. Be sure you understand: always use TerraFrost's mod, unless you have the Birthday Mod installed. If you do have the Birthday Mod installed, my version will change the code properly.
Trim RSS Mod Posts 1.0.0 April 5, 2006 If you have installed RSS Feed 2.x, you may dislike that the ENTIRE post is displayed in the RSS feed. This mod will change RSS Feed 2.x so that it only displays teaser text (about 2 or 3 sentences) from each post.
Autodiscovery Plus 1.0.1a April 2, 2006 If you have installed RSS Feed 2.x, you may have noticed that an add-on mod called "Autodiscovery" is included with it. That mod is fairly bare-bones, so I have expanded it. It now allows for topic-level feeds, adds graphical icons, etc.
Patch for Forum Watch 1.0.0 March 19, 2006 If you have installed Forum Watch 1.0.2, your subscription system is broken. This patch will fix it.
Simple Ignore 1.4.2 March 18, 2006 Simple Ignore allows users to ignore offensive members. It isn't my product. However, I've submitted 3 bugfixes to that project, and two are rather necessary. Until there is an official release, try my version. Version 1.4.2 adds fixes from Raven007, so that if you ignore a user, they cannot PM you.
Configurable Users Online 1.0.0 March 18, 2006 Yet another mod-I-didn't-write. This old mod (from 2003 I think!) didn't work at all on new versions of phpBB, and the mod author has dropped off the face of the Earth, apparently. So I rewrote it to work with new phpBB installations. This mod will give you a field in the admin control panel, allowing you to configure how long the "users online in the past ___ minutes" is. For a small forum with not many users, you may want to set it to 15 minutes (or 60!) so that your list of recent visitors actually... well... lists someone. :)
Improved View Own Profile 1.0.0 March 16, 2006 This is a mod that I didn't write, but which needed a patch. It is supposed to show a link to view your own profile on the masthead. It didn't work on newer versions of phpBB. So I updated it.
Really Disallow Same Password And Username 1.0.0 March 15, 2006 This is another mod that I didn't write, but which needed a patch. It is supposed to stop users from selecting a password that is exactly the same as the username. However, it actually did the opposite! With the original mod, the ONLY way to complete a registration was to have your username & password be identical. So, I flipped the logic. Now, it will correctly block users from having the same username & password, and it will allow everything else as usual.
Simple Quick Reply Smilies Patch 1.0.0 March 15, 2006 Have you already installed the phpBB Simple Quick Reply mod? If so, would you like some smilies to go with it? Apply this mod (after you install the Simple Quick Reply mod), and you shall have smilies.
Simple Quick Reply Guest Patch 1.0.0 March 15, 2006 Have you already installed the phpBB Simple Quick Reply mod? If so, you may have noticed that when guests view a topic, the Quick Reply box still partly shows. This makes it disappear properly. Apply this mod only after you install the Simple Quick Reply mod.
Post Move Instead of Delete 1.0.1a March 14, 2006 Ever deleted a post, and then wished you hadn't? This changes the delete function to a move function. Users & (optionally) moderators will use the delete icon just as before, but posts will instead be moved into a storage forum. I did not write this mod. But I did fix the bugs with the German translation – German text no longer appears on English forums! In addition, I separated the German into an optional extra mod, so that EasyMod is happy. And I added some DIY INSTRUCTIONS, to handle the db_update.php file.
Improved Disallow Editing Admin Posts 1.0.0 March 14, 2006 If you are the admin of a phpBB forum, and you are concerned that your moderators might edit or delete YOUR posts, then you need this mod. It blocks attempts by moderators to modify or remove admin posts. Note that I did not write this mod – Freakin' Booty did. However, he let it get outdated. I have updated the mod to work with phpBB 2.0.19, and I've made it EasyMod compliant.
Usability Tweaks 1.0.2 March 13, 2006 While using the "Email on Errors" mod, I discovered that certain parts of phpBB were big stumbling blocks for people. I'd see them do the same mistake over and over again, my inbox filling with error emails. As I looked at the pages that caused them problems, I realized that most of the time, there was simply no clear error message, or the text was unexpectedly different from thousands of other sites with the same interface. My goal was to remedy that. This mod caused me to retain more members and enjoy fewer complaints. UPDATES: extra CAPTCHA system text, and extra login help text.
You CAN, If You Register 0.9 January 2, 2006 At the bottom right of a phpBB topic page, there is text which either says, "you CAN post in this forum" or else, "you CANNOT post in this forum." It's meant to help people understand what they're authorized to do. The problem is that the "you CANNOT" text is very off-putting. This will change that to instead say, "Login or register to post."
Stop Author AND Google View Increase 1.0.0 December 31, 2005 I took version 1.0.1 of Daniel's "Stop Author View Increase" mod and added Google to it. Please don't bother Daniel if you install my version. (Basically, if you view your own post, or if Google's crawler views it, it won't increase the view count of the post. This helps the original author of each post to more accurately gauge the popularity of his/her topics.)
Email on Errors 1.0 July 23, 2005 I was installing a lot of mods, and wanted a way to be sure that phpBB was operating properly. This mod causes phpBB to fire an email to the admin whenever "message_die" is called with an error. This should help you to stay abreast of any problems your users experience.
Change PM Default 1.0 July 23, 2005 When a new member registers, the option to have private message notifications popup is set to "on." This simply changes the default to "off." The new member can of course change it.
Change Subscription Default 1.0 July 23, 2005 When a new member registers, the option to get notified via email when someone responds to your post is set to "off." This simply changes the default to "on." The new member can of course change it. However, I would add that if you want a sticky site (where members keep coming back), it's important to at least set the default on, because most members will leave the defaults as-is.


I've added a forum for discussion. Any improvements you make to my patch can be uploaded there.