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The Blog Mod
by Hyperion & the gang

The official home of The Blog Mod.

The Blog Mod adds a blogging system to your site, and it uses the phpBB 2.x forum membership system for logins.  It was originally created by Hyperion, but I'm in charge of the resurrection.

UPDATE (June 23, 2008):  I got carried away and updated The Blog Mod even though it's for the older phpBB 2 system.  I couldn't help myself.  There are so many easy-to-fix bugs that it makes for a nice weekend.  THEREFORE, the following list of things to install has been slightly revised:

  1. The Blog Mod 1.0.0 - 300K
  2. The Blog Mod templates (optional) - 4460K
  3. Optional spam blocking for Shoutboxes and replies.  (Requires PHP's GD lib)
  4. Optional categories box.  Note that IF you decide to apply that patch, there is a bugfix listed on page 3 of that discussion.  The bugfix is only the FIRST find & replace.  Don't do the others.

NOTE: you no longer need the security patches that were floating around for version 0.2.4b.


  1. Now uses the Silk icon set by Mark James, only used in a few areas so far.
  2. Incorporates the 2 security patches issued after the previous version.  Thanks siava!
  3. The patches broke the looping through blog entry replies.  Fixed.
  4. The patches also broke the blog name on the news page.  Fixed.
  5. The patches also broke the blog image.  Fixed.
  6. Extensive revisions to the install file.  Should be more readable & organized.
  7. Includes bugfix for Unicode categories in Internet Explorer.  Thanks Willow!
  8. Removed URL from all files, as that URL is dead.
  9. Fixed minor spelling errors.
  10. "View all entries" link -> "Display entries from" menu -> "Go" = errors.  Fixed.
  11. The "Display posts from" menu should refer to replies, not posts.  Fixed.
  12. Clarified a bit of text on the Configuration page.
  13. Anonymous users who use Shoutbox without a URL have their name as a link.  Fixed.
  14. Added a few extra options to the "Curently" feature (e.g. Currently Watching).


You can ask questions of the community here.  Please note that I rarely visit the support forum, as I rarely work on these products.  They should be mothballed.  It's amazing any work happens at all.  :)