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Breather: Every insight equals action

Breather fills an enormous need in the business world: The need for flexible, convenient, modern workspace that doesn’t rely on lengthy lease agreements.

As the working world evolves, this need is growing along with the expectations of today’s working professionals, whose jobs don’t look like the traditional 9-to-5 roles of our grandparents.

In cities across Europe and North America, Breather is there to fill that need. The role of their marketing and advertising is to make sure people know it.

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The Pipeline Vision

Competition in the co-working space is fierce, and digital marketing plays an important role in connecting people with the space they need, where and when they need it.

More than just brand building, Breather’s advertising and marketing is intrinsically and meaningfully tied to their revenue. So it needs to work. Exceptionally well.

But, for many organizations, that’s easier said than done. It requires many pieces of many puzzles to come together—including:

- Alignment between customer and booking information with business objectives that tie to advertising campaigns and social data

A sophisticated, well-oiled pipeline

-A deep understanding of their customer journey, including what customer needs are, how they interact with advertising, what prompts conversion, and what real revenue has come from that investment

For Breather, that’s exactly what Outshine created.

Work it: The Growth Activation Plan

At Outshine, working on a plan doesn’t mean we stop working. While we’re developing our strategy and recommendations, we also dig into the platforms, data, and campaigns that are in-market, and in many cases, learn more by doing more.

So we began with managing current campaigns while conducting a deep-dive exploration into existing marketing efforts to learn what was working and what wasn’t, what could be eliminated, and what could be optimized. To effectively grow the business, we needed to understand what opportunities existed, learn about the marketplace and competitive landscape, and plot a path forward: the very basis of the Breather growth activation plan (GAP).

It leads to strategies based in fact, understanding and insights. We create systems to leverage real data, so we can guide clients to better decisions. Without taking months to do it.

Everything in its Place

The GAP was just the beginning. Together we developed new levers to pull in almost every area of Breather’s marketing and advertising, including being able to understand what to do if revenue targets weren’t on track, and where an investment could make the biggest impact on those hard numbers.

Our understanding of their customers, competitive landscape, and ad platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn drove down the cost per lead by (XX%). From an analytics perspective, we helped their team understand, evolve and use their data in new ways—now, they’re confident that the correct tracking and measurement is in place, and can effectively work within existing systems to generate deeper insights.

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”Now we can rely on our data to make better business decisions.”

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Moving Forward

Today, Breather is a measurement superstar—they have true clarity into how much revenue any piece of advertising or a campaign creates, and how their marketing is really performing.

And with such a well-oiled reporting machine in place, it’s letting our partnership explore new opportunities and what the future holds. To predict what’s next and where new customers will come from.

Then, all we have to do is make the most of them. 

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