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CB Insights

Going from information overload to information overlords


The data debt

CB Insights has built their business on data. Turning disparate information into actionable insights, so their clients understand the business landscape today and, more importantly, where it’s going to be tomorrow.

But, as the old adage goes, the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.

The marketing team had access to a wealth of data about their efforts—including how many people open their newsletters, which social posts drive traffic to the website, or when people engage their chatbot. But, they couldn’t connect any of this information back to business goals — it couldn’t tell them the path a person takes from potential customer to fully-engaged client.

They had the data. But they needed it to do more for their business, and their customers.

Architects of success

The plan was simple: Understand all the sources of data CBI had and what insights it could potentially generate. Then, create a vision for how all it can all fit together and drive business growth.

Working with engineers, marketers, and developers, Outshine led the implementation of Segment, a software solution that cleans, collects and controls all CBI’s customer data. We were the conduit between all these disparate viewpoints—what Segment’s software could do; the engineers and developers building it; and the marketers and CBI team who had to take the data and actually make decisions based on it.

We predicted and solved problems early so that the internal CBI team didn’t have to worry about making Segment work—they could focus on making their data work for them.


With better data come better insights

Today, CBI has more powerful, insightful dashboards that offer a consistent view of their customers and the journey they take. They know exactly when and how a customer has engaged with them, and ultimately, what that engagement means to their bottom line.

Understanding their customer has more benefits than just revenue. It means that they can become a more efficient, effective team - one that focuses on what’s working for their clients and what isn’t.

It’s allowing them to transform into a customer-centric organization, and to build a customer experience based on an understanding of the people behind every interaction—not just the data that represents them.

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