Marketing data done right

Connect ad platforms and customer data to revenue and enable better decisions, faster

"The Outshine team really gets it—they're experts at supporting the entire B2B funnel, ramping up revenue-driving efforts while also giving brand awareness the attention it deserves."

Joanna Tran
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Heap

B2B SaaS marketers don’t need vanity metrics or convoluted measurement.

They need connected, accurate marketing data at their fingertips.
So that’s what our analytics experts create.

Our tailored data solutions are built with marketers in mind, tying marketing efforts to revenue so you can understand the full customer journey from lead to closed/won.

Plus, we build using your existing infrastructure and tools. We're experts in GA4, CRMs, ad platforms, and other ad tech, so we can connect ad platforms with revenue, all without expensive new investments from your team.

Get An Analytics Expert’s Undivided Attention

In-house analytics teams have a lot on their to-do lists—acting as defacto IT support for colleagues, updating product analytics, or completing BI reporting for executives means marketing analytics isn't always their top priority.

But it is ours.

Working with us you’ll get analytics experts focused solely on you and your marketing analysis needs. Whether that's a brand new report or week-over-week analysis, we're ready to answer questions and solve problems.

Here's what you'll get working with us.

A full funnel report developed and maintained by us to identify drivers of the highest value leads, so advertising decisions are made based on revenue metrics like pipeline value, ROI/ROAS, and closed/won deals
A Looker dashboard customized to your needs, executive team, or reporting requirements (we can also provide an extended suite of reports and empower you to self-serve custom reports)
Conversion tracking implemented by us (or alongside your developer team) for active advertising platforms to support value-based bidding and data-driven optimization models
Monthly GTM/data monitoring and ongoing GTM/conversion tracking support as new campaigns are launched or KPIs evolve
Performance forecasting using a combination of historical ad performance data, funnel stage conversion rates, and industry benchmarks
A dedicated analytics resource for ongoing support, iteration, problem-solving, and reporting

Don’t wonder how advertising helps you achieve your goals—prove it.

Improved cost per acquisition by 5x

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