The Challenge

When Benevity launched in 2008, its goal was simple: to create a single platform that gives companies a better, easier way to manage employee charitable giving and volunteering programs.

But despite their success, Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing Operations, Michael Gaudet, recognized the reporting Benevity received from its digital advertising agency “wasn’t up to snuff,” resulting in wasted ad dollars and lost opportunities to connect with potential customers. Benevity wanted to boost results and quickly increase growth.

“Search advertising is a huge part of how we hit our sales targets. We were spending too much time getting poor results.”

Michael Gaudet
Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing Operations – Benevity

Why Outshine?

Trust built in a previous relationship provided faith that Outshine could “supercharge” Benevity’s program.

Benevity needed to move off the previous agency’s proprietary search engine marketing (SEM) platform to a completely new one. Michael—working with a small marketing team that was already pulled in many directions—was looking for a partner he could depend on to move fast, get results, and keep him in the loop while he tackled other challenges.

“You need to have a good grasp of analytics in order to do SEM properly. [Outshine is] able to do that really well and to stay on top of whatever is coming out next. I know they’re going to be there, bringing their A game the first time.”

Outshine crafted an approach to analytics that weighs and aligns Benevity’s KPIs across multiple sales and marketing platforms, builds comprehensive reports from scratch, and improves how existing platforms like Marketo drive ad spend.

Lasting Results

In their first year together, Benevity and Outshine produced incredible results:100% ad performance growth on social media platforms in the first few months, doubled return on ad spend within one year (an increase of 290%), and consistent, record-setting growth in the first quarter of 2017.

“If they were to say they could do all this in one year, I’d think, 'That’s going to be a fantastic year.' And that’s where we’re at now. Just continuous improvement in what we’ve seen.”

With increased trust and a proven track record, Outshine is turning their sights to deeper, more personalized optimization. Automated reporting, more visualization for reporting, and analytics-driven audiences for advertising all present excellent value for Benevity.

Don’t wonder how advertising helps you achieve your goals—prove it.