The Approach & Results

BookKeeping Express (BKE)—the leader in full service accounting and bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses—has a small marketing and sales team that wears many hats.

They needed support they could trust and rely on to manage, improve, and scale their demand and lead generation efforts, allowing the team to focus their time on other aspects of their business.

BKE wanted to improve their click-through and conversion rates, and had a desire to harness the power of digital advertising to spur topline revenue growth—an initiative that BKE and Outshine took on together.

“Outshine demonstrated a deep understanding of how to use advertising and analytics to drive revenue. They quickly became an integral part of our marketing team.”

- Keith Mueller CEO – BookKeeping Express
In just six months, BKE and Outshine increased goal conversions by over 200%,while increasing return on ad spend by 72% and decreasing cost per lead by 41%—resulting in a higher volume of leads at a portion of the initial cost.

Integration with Salesforce

Outshine integrated BKE’s Analytics and Google Ads accounts with Marketo and Salesforce, bridging gaps in data to tell one, cohesive story of revenue and performance.

We connected and integrated intel between the platforms to improve the accuracy of lead source attribution, allowing BKE to understand which leads become MQL, opportunities, and revenue.

“Improving the accuracy of our data means improving our confidence in the numbers. Now we can use the data to make better sales and marketing decisions.”

CRM-Powered Remarketing

‍Outshine used Marketo Ad Bridge to connect meaningful CRM data with advertising efforts. We created custom audience groups on Facebook based on lead status changes in Marketo—when a lead became stale, the Ad Bridge allowed Outshine to serve up top of funnel offers and advertising as part of a successful win-back campaign strategy for BKE.

Don’t wonder how advertising helps you achieve your goals—prove it.