One2Team Goes to Market in the US

Who is One2Team?

One2Team, a portfolio project management platform, originally launched operations in France and in 2016 sought to expand globally—sights set on the opening of a sales and marketing office in San Francisco.

Business Challenges

There were many challenges associated with entering a new market. Chief among them was marketing and lead generation outside of France. One2Team needed to bolster its new market coverage and tap into an additional pool of qualified customers.

Digital marketing presented a massive opportunity for expansion, but limited initial efforts saw limited results. One2Team knew they needed to reevaluate their strategy to grow into the US.  

Results: Honing in on The Largest Inbound Lead Generator

Google Ads have been a hugely important tool in reaching One2Team’s target audience group, today representing the largest inbound lead generator for the company. With over 100,000 monthly searches in the US alone, the project management space is crowded with key players—many of whom aren’t direct competitors for One2Team.

By strengthening paid advertising’s performance, One2Team honed in on results and could lessen their investment and reliance on tactics like SEO and content development (which prove more difficult in a crowded marketplace).

Since 2015, Outshine has worked with One2Team to steadily increase paid leads.

Today, paid makes up 77% of the total lead inflow.

“Between analytics and revenue, Outshine has a holistic view of our business. They look at how we run the business—not just executing on one component of it.”

- Maura Ginty, CMO, One2Team

To Start: Lead Generation & Full-Funnel Measurement

Outshine was engaged in October 2016 to help guide One2Team’s lead generations efforts as they grew into San Francisco. In the beginning, the scope of the engagement was twofold:

1. Overhaul One2Team’s analytics practice to ensure the right data was being collected, and that internal processes were repeatable and scalable

2. Rearchitect all campaigns, including building support for additional budget, rewriting ads for lead gen, and tracking results fully through the funnel from lead to MQL/SQL

“They’re very authentic. If they think that something isn’t a good idea for us, we can count on Outshine to be very clear about that.”

Going Forward: Improving Sales & Marketing Operations

Once established in the US market, Outshine’s work with One2Team expanded beyond lead generation to include a broader sales and marketing operations initiative.

We work with One2Team to fully understand and forecast marketing’s contribution to revenue, including the development of a sales dashboard that tracks inputs like:

· Inbound and outbound lead flow
· Pipeline & deals
· Conversion rates between lead stages
· KPIs like cost per MQL/SQL by channel and lead source

The dashboard is also helpful for tracking the work Outshine does on the advertising side—demonstrating the global demand One2Team captures directly from channels like Google Ads.

“One of the reasons we work well with Outshine is because of their curiosity. They help us with unusual business challenges just because they’re curious about how these problems get solved, too.” - Maura Ginty, CMO, One2Team

In addition to impact on revenue, our work also tracks marketing’s influence on and effectiveness in reaching key target audience groups—answering questions like:

Which channel is driving the most engagement from target accounts?What content or ad creative performs best for those accounts?

Learn more about how we measure account based marketing reach for One2Team on the Clearbit Blog.

Don’t wonder how advertising helps you achieve your goals—prove it.