Proposify, the award-winning software-as-service company that streamlines the proposal process, had a problem.

Customers loved using Proposify to close more sales, but the company struggled to generate their own sales using digital advertising.

He tried working with another agency, but they still weren’t able to produce the results he wanted. But once Kyle partnered with Outshine, that changed.

“They're committed to getting results; to digging in and learning what works. They’re committed to measurement. Definitely more than I’ve seen working with other PPC agencies.”

- Kyle Racki, CEO, Proposify

The Approach & Results

Since working with Outshine, Proposify has improved their cost-per-lead in AdWords by 48.7%. But that was only the start. Working with Proposify’s content and marketing team, Outshine began testing Facebook and Twitter advertising.

On Facebook, Outshine layered demographic, interest, and lookalike audience lists to hone in on the most profitable audience for Proposify. With constant testing and refining, Outshine has turned Facebook Advertising into a consistent lead channel for Proposify, at a 33% lower cost per acquisition than AdWords.

“I’ve seen improvements every month; lower acquisition costs and more volume of leads, better conversions. They take Analytics to a whole new level, tying in multiple data sources into one amalgamated platform.”

Outshine then used Affinio data on Twitter to segment Proposify’s audience into various persona groups. Outshine pinpointed the ideal persona to target with ads, and used Affinio’s lookalike modelling to generate a list of over 200,000 potential customers that matched the ideal persona. This hyper-targeted approach garnered a 54.9% cheaper cost-per-lead compared to Twitter’s own in-platform targeting.

Having run his own agency in the past, Kyle knows what a good partnership looks like. Beyond the outstanding results, Kyle valued the proactive and innovative approach Outshine brings to the table.

“When you hire an agency, you’re not just looking for 'yes men.' You partner with an agency because you expect they’re going to push you. And that’s what Outshine does.”

Don’t wonder how advertising helps you achieve your goals—prove it.