Opening Doors At Outshine

Though we have decades of experience in digital marketing, Outshine is still a young company—literally. Our leaders are in their mid-30s and many of our colleagues started their careers with us immediately after graduating from university.

That youthfulness is part of what makes us who we are. We grew up online, technology is our native language, and we love staying on top of the latest trends in the digital media world.

So when Digital Nova Scotia asked us to help youth in our area see the career potential in the ICT and digital technology industry, we jumped at the chance. It aligned perfectly with our aim to open our company and industry to more diverse perspectives and people.

The Opening Doors project is a pilot program designed to inspire and educate high school teachers on the many career paths available to students and includes a video series profiling local companies to demonstrate the diversity, opportunity, and possibilities available in tech.

It was our pleasure to open our doors and share what it’s like to work at Outshine. And we can’t wait to see more young professionals joining the industry.

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